First United Methodist Church of Monroeville hopes that our facilities and staff will be of use to you. This policy will guide you in using our buildings. (For weddings, we have separate policies and guidelines. We require you to meet with our wedding coordinator, our pastor and our musician(s) separately.)

  • Church Programs/Staff, then Church Members have priority in scheduling events. Outside groups may be permitted to use the facilities when their purpose is not in conflict with the church’s goals and values. The buildings and grounds of First UMC are dedicated to God for the sacred purpose of worship, education, fellowship, and service to the community. Please help us keep the facilities dignified and beautiful by observing these rules and guidelines. No partisan political activities and no outside/commercial money-making projects will be allowed.


  • Scheduling – The Church Business Manager maintains our church calendar. Regular church services or activities will not be changed. Most other dates are “first come, first served.” An advance security deposit of $50 for members and non members is required to reserve any of the church’s facilities. There will also be a cleaning fee of $100 for members and non members. Checks should be made payable to “FUMC.”


  • Key(s) to the building must be obtained in advance from the church Business Office between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday and should be returned promptly as directed.


  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the premises.


  • Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings or near the entrances.


  • The Church Sanctuary is a sacred place; no food or drinks are allowed!


  • Damage and Liability: The user is responsible for any damages or breakages. No tacks, nails, pins, screws, or tape which might deface the furnishings or walls may be used. Bulletin boards or tack strips are available in many rooms and hallways; however, permission to remove anything from the walls and bulletin boards must be obtained in the Church Office. Non-flammable material must be used under candles or liquids to protect floors and carpets. Dripless candles are required. The church is NOT responsible for your lost valuables. Due the expense of the sound equipment in Wesley Hall, we require an authorized person from the church to operate the sound system. The fee for the use of the sound system is $50. The church is NOT responsible for damage done to the sound system by unauthorized users!


  • Furniture: NO sanctuary furniture may be moved without the permission of the pastor. Generally, furniture should not be moved from room to room. Any/all rooms used should be restored to their original set-up. None of the furnishings, dishes, or equipment should ever leave the premises. The church does not provide room set-ups, table cloths, or other linens.
  • Borrowing: We occasionally loan chairs and/or tables from Norman Barnett Hall–NEVER from Wesley Hall. Permission/authorization for this should be obtained through the Church Office. 
  • Printable form: Facility Guideline and Usage Fees Monroeville UMC